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Towards an understanding of art

[…] I again spent two hours in front of a few pictures today; I sense this is somehow useful for me. Would it be instructive for you? I can’t really … Continue reading

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From November 2011 Last Tuesday, La Belle Femme and I went to the Tate to see the absolutely wonderful Holbein show. This being midweek, the place was jam-packed with Saga … Continue reading

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This is one of my favourite poems by MacNeice. Put out to sea, my broken comrades Let the old seaweek crack, the surge Burgeon, oblivious of the last Embarkation of … Continue reading

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Mantegna at the Louvre

Last week we went to the excellent Mantegna show at the Louvre. This head of San Marco is the first picture you see and it is quite staggering in the … Continue reading

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Menil Collection, Houston

Here are my after-the-visit thoughts on this gallery in Houston. Set in beautiful old location, with old houses very like Manila as was. Trees, birds (Mynah?), fat red squirrels runing … Continue reading

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