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Tuareg traditional games and plays

A delightful list of Tuareg traditional games and plays: Tiddas, played with small stones and sticks. Kelmutan: consists of singing and touching each person’s leg, where the ends, that person … Continue reading

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Highlife and Palmwine

Run with uplifting music. That’s important. Today, I’ve just completed the slightly infamous Week 5 Session 3 of C25K, where after a 5 minute walk to warm up you run … Continue reading

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Mahlerschade, or smallish quantities of fairly mild inner torment

This is by a long way the funniest thing I’ve seen for a while. From Infocult, via a tweet from GreatDismal William Gibson: Mahler rehearsal notes. *IMPORTANT* Share Yesterday at … Continue reading

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I heard this tonight, on the radio, for the first time ever. It’s wonderful. Ithaca When you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that the road is long, … Continue reading

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Menil Collection, Houston

Here are my after-the-visit thoughts on this gallery in Houston. Set in beautiful old location, with old houses very like Manila as was. Trees, birds (Mynah?), fat red squirrels runing … Continue reading

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The world if you’re 18

Scary but true insight into an 18 year old’s world view: The year is 2008. An eighteen year old today was born in 1990. They don’t remember Margaret Thatcher. John … Continue reading

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Islamic Spain and Al Andalus

Islamic Spain was the subject of this excellent BBC programme from Andrew Graham-Dixon. These are my rough, on the fly, notes from the TV. —- Andrew Graham Dixon on the … Continue reading

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cycling meditation

Thoughts from Rainer Ganahl, an Austrian artist in New York, on speeds of cycling (lit. and fig.) and the ‘porcelain’ nature of life: Apart from crossing borders and distances the … Continue reading

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Technology, Time and Space

Marvellous beginning draft of an essay by the ever-thoughtful Masood Mortazavi, entitled Technology, Time and Space > Paper, as a recording technology, emphasizes the durability of recorded content much more … Continue reading

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NY Metropolitan

On a trip to NY today, having finished an appointment in Wall St, I took a cab uptown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With only 35 minutes to go … Continue reading

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