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Edwin Starr and Blue Juice

Watching Blue Juice again the other night, I noticed that Edwin Starr took the part of Ossie Sands whose “Price of Pain” had been sampled—and mangled—by Josh Tambini. At the … Continue reading

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Quantum of…

Rubbish. You should not come out of a Bond film feeling depressed. I did, coming out of this one. Marc Forster is an indie-film maker in spirit and they should … Continue reading

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New Riders of the Purple Sage

I love Westerns. Films and books. Grew up in the era when they still had “the Saturday afternoon Western” on telly and spent many a happy hour with Audie Murphy, … Continue reading

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Leonardo di Caprio

Watching “The Aviator” tonight, it occurred to me that what DiCaprio conveys—and it is his eminently watchable, tragic attraction for us—is the essential pointlessness and cheapness of what we desire, … Continue reading

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Tom et Jerry

I was watching All This and Heaven Too this morning, a melodrama from 1940 with Bette Davis and Charles Boyer, when it struck me that when Tom does his famous … Continue reading

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