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Signs of Spring

Flcking through some old archives of photos today, I stumbled upon these, taken in April 2007, of daffodils in a vase. I like the slightly dreamy quality about them and … Continue reading

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Some uses for a beret

I like berets. Here are some uses for them I’ve found so far: keeping the rain off keeping the sun off keeping warm keeping cool an excellent light-shade when sleeping, … Continue reading

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Films to watch

Just a note to the future self to keep an eye out for: — Clash of the Titans – swords and monsters, with Sam Worthington — A Prophet. Don’t even … Continue reading

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In the ongoing annals of Keeping Fit, last Sunday was an unexpectedly tough day. First, I set off for my walk/run in the park as part of my C25K endeavours, … Continue reading

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Watering bonsai

Good tip: Stand the tree in sufficient water to come halfway up the trunk. Allow to soak for 20-30 minutes. Drain water. Put tree back in original position. From

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Perhaps the saddest thing about reading any website putting an Israeli perspective on world events is the vitriol of the hard-liners. Most of these are, fairly predictably, Israeli hardliners, right-wingers … Continue reading

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John Renbourn

Listened to John Renbourn’s “The English Dance” on Radio 3 this morning as we arrived at school. Both kids loved it so I bought the album, “The Black Balloon” this … Continue reading

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A vision of King’s Cross

photo.jpg Originally uploaded by Jolyon.

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Happy cat

Originally uploaded by Jolyon. — Little My.

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Heal’s cat

Heal’s cat Originally uploaded by Jolyon. Sent from my iPhone 07515 338 035

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