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Sergeant Cecil

Sergeant Cecil Originally uploaded by Jolyon. What a shame that after all the excitement and anticipation of a David and Goliath match, the brave Sergeant should have such a poor … Continue reading

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DSC00056 Originally uploaded by Jolyon.

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DSC00041 Originally uploaded by Jolyon.

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Wonderfully elegant Martini glasses in Roast.  The drinks were pretty good, too, though, Philistine that I no doubt am, I had never heard of Ketel One before. Martini Originally uploaded … Continue reading

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Skiing lessons

In February we went skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Being a novice, I took lessons, from an excellent teacher called Mauro. Amongst other things, he counselled that I write down what … Continue reading

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Music and DRM

Tons has been written on this topic since Steve Jobs decried the imposition of DRM on digitally-distributed media. He’s broadly right, of course. My personal solution is currently to use … Continue reading

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emacs nav on Mac

Useful tip from MacOSXHints: Emacs control-key commands work in most text-entry contexts on the Macintosh: Control-d: delete char forward Control-f: move forward char Control-b: move backward char Control-a: move to … Continue reading

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