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LAU: an unusual Scottish anarcho-folk band I was in Fopp this morning and heard this band, Lau. Two Scottish guys and an hon. Scot (from Cambridge), they play a mix of trad tunes and jazz … Continue reading

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Phillip Glass etudes

I’m listening to Phillip Glass’s Six Etudes for Piano. It’s beautiful.

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Edwin Starr and Blue Juice

Watching Blue Juice again the other night, I noticed that Edwin Starr took the part of Ossie Sands whose “Price of Pain” had been sampled—and mangled—by Josh Tambini. At the … Continue reading

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Highlife and Palmwine

Run with uplifting music. That’s important. Today, I’ve just completed the slightly infamous Week 5 Session 3 of C25K, where after a 5 minute walk to warm up you run … Continue reading

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Dave Tyack RIP

This is terrible news. I’ve just learned that Dave Tyack is dead. And has been since 2002. And that his body was not found until 2004. For those of you … Continue reading

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