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Rene Burri

Some years back I bought a copy of Phaidon’s very large book of Rene Burri’s photographs. This is wonderful. Don’t believe the silly two star review on the Amazon UK … Continue reading

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Rock stars and their parents

Great series of photos in the Guardian today of rock stars of the 70s and their parents. Somehow you never think of Zappa as having parents.

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Amazing sequence of a sandstorm approaching a (presumably) US base in Iraq.

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Zen photo tip

From Tom Chandler: > Zen Tip #2: Compose your pictures in two dimensions – as if you were painting them > This is might be the single most important Zen … Continue reading

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Lee Miller

LBF and I went to the Lee Miller exhibition at the V&A today, and utterly great it was too.. I’ve been a big fan of hers for some time now, … Continue reading

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In Spoleto

: “on the verandah (?loggia) of the Duomo” See no evil Hear no evil Speak no evil Think no evil Do no evil Laugh no evil (Via

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The Golden Cockroach

This story combines name-dropping, a certain degree of disgustingness and a uniquely Philippine quality. Some years ago, probably in about 1992 or 1993, we had gone to visit my father-in-law, … Continue reading

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