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Scottish haiku

From Alan Spence’s Glasgow Zen, versions of haiku by Issa: wid ye lookit the state ae it – me in ma new jaicket! fling doon crumbs the sparras start fightin … Continue reading

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By Thibaut de Navarre (also Thibaut de Champagne):  Dex est ensi conme li pellicanz Qui fet son nif el plus haut arbre sus, Et li mauvés oisiaus, qui vient … Continue reading

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Tranströmer, musically

Tomas Tranströmer: Allegro After a black day, I play Haydn, and feel a little warmth in my hands. The keys are ready. Kind hammers fall. The sound is spirited, green, … Continue reading

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A poem by Shi Wu (“Stone House”)

Becoming a buddha is easy But ending illusions is hard So many frosted moonlit nights I’ve sat and felt The cold before dawn.

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This is one of my favourite poems by MacNeice. Put out to sea, my broken comrades Let the old seaweek crack, the surge Burgeon, oblivious of the last Embarkation of … Continue reading

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I heard this tonight, on the radio, for the first time ever. It’s wonderful. Ithaca When you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that the road is long, … Continue reading

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