Zen photo tip

From Tom Chandler:

> Zen Tip #2: Compose your pictures in two dimensions – as if you were painting them

> This is might be the single most important Zen photo tip you’ll ever read (as if you’ll ever see another Zen photo hints article).

> Most amateur photographers make the same mistake; they pick up their camera and look through the viewfinder (or LCD screen) instead of composing pictures on it.

> The principle at work is simple; you’re building an image on a two-dimensional space the same way a painter arranges objects on a two-dimensional canvas.

> If you pick up a camera and start looking through the viewfinder (or LCD screen), your eye focuses only on the principal object of the photograph. The inevitable results is a dead-centered, too-far-away, boring image.

> Next time you’re shooting, take a second (and a deep breath), and look at the viewfinder like it was a frame around a painting. Compose your image within the confines of that frame, and yes, take a minute to move the frame around the subject.

That made me understand the point very clearly.

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