Quantum of…


You should not come out of a Bond film feeling depressed. I did, coming out of this one.

Marc Forster is an indie-film maker in spirit and they should never have let him near the Bond franchise, as he has simply made a gloomy and depressing 007 film. Also, even on a technical basis, the action scenes are shot impossibly tight and blurry which is supposed, I imagine, to convey a sense of the chaos and rapidity with which fights develop — the trouble is that it makes crap cinema.

No humour at all. Not even a bit.

Grey or taupe surroundings.

A genuinely unpleasant on-the-way-to-rape scene.

Yecch. The only good things in it were the girls — Gemma Arterton was excellent as “just Fields” and Olga Kurylenko was poutingly convincing as a special agent of Bolivian/Russian extraction.

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