BMW airhead — the HPN ‘Basis’

Actually, this is my ideal bike.

The HPN-Basis is the wolf in sheeps clothing for the tour rider. The HPN main frame reinforcements, the damper insert in the front fork and the White-Power Suspension shock absorber are responsible for the excellent handling at stock seat height. The HPN-Baja muffler tops the sporty looks and the superior performance of the engine. The CFK generator cover and the genuine leather seat make the driving pleasure perfectly.

Beautiful, if a bit pricey. First, start with your bog-standard Beemer, then ship it to Bavaria, then have all the stuff done. I’ve never priced it all up individually, but I reckon you’d get scant change from GBP20,000.

But then, as La Belle Femme says, that’s only about 4 or 5 of her handbags — and you couldn’t take those round the world.

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