Sea trout: catch and release

From the Salmon & Trout Association:
>There is widespread concern that sea trout stocks are in a desperate state in most parts of the UK. Salmon farming has had an impact off the Scottish West Coast, but the problem is more complex than that, as populations have plummeted in areas where there is no marine aquaculture.

>S&TA is asking anglers to think seriously before killing sea trout. We have urged in the past that all fish over 5 lbs be returned alive, as these are likely to be the multi-spawners which are so important to individual sea trout populations. However, several fisheries are imposing a total sea trout catch and release programme, and S&TA fully supports this approach UK-wide, until we know what is causing the problem. The Celtic Sea Trout project has gained funding, and other research initiatives are under way, but until they report, let’s be responsible, impose a voluntary precautionary approach and put all sea trout back.

Good idea, and one to be strongly advocated. As yet, it’s a bit academic for me since I’ve only been out for sea-trout on 3 nights in my life (2 separate occasions) and never even caught one, let alone released. I will, though, I will.

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