Mayfly time

A couple of Saturdays back I was down at the Avon, on the SDFFA water, for some fishing. Ostensibly, it was a day of ‘dry-fly instruction’ though in effect there wasn’t much instruction. It was good to meet some fellow members, though, as I normally don’t see that many.

After a spell at Figheldean Bridge, three of us wandered downstream to the meadows and had a go at the trout which were now rising every 10 minutes or so to large mayflies as the evening wore on.

I like to keep a journal of my endeavours, even if it is only fairly sporadic, and sometimes it’s good to have a little sketch in there, too, as these tend to convey (to me, at least) something more, and more intimate, of the day.

In addition to the first fish I’d taken that day, of about a pound and a half, I took another, nearer 2lb, and then back up towards the bridge another trout shot up from the depths and latched onto my fly. I let this one go back, though, as a tribute to the old river gods.

Tackle: Scott G2 8’8”, 4 weight and a large ‘found’ mayfly imitation.

A good day.

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