As I progress with the C25K program, I am using different iPhone apps to help me along the way.

Today was Week 6 Run 3, a solid 25 minutes of running with 5 minutes warm-up and cool-down at each end. Since I figured that I didn’t need the Voices in my Head so much, I switched to RunKeeper Pro to help me through this one, breaking the run down into 5 minute sections so that I could have some encouragement along the way — to just run 25 minutes straight without some form of mental stimulus (“nearly there, only 2 mins to go!”) would at this stage be beyond me.

RunKeeper tracks all sorts of stats about your run, and here it is in graphic form:

Note the early start time (yes, it was still dark!), and the speeds and distance include the 10 mins warm up and cool down, when I was ambling pretty gently.

RK also gives you a graphic of speed and elevation over distance, which is quite fun:

though I am not entirely persuaded by the height gain at the end — it may have been me going up in the lift!

If you’d told me 3 months ago that I could do this, I’d have been staggered. I still am really!

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