The third space

Dan Hill’s City of Sound is probably the blog I’ve been reading most consistently and longest of all. He always writes interestingly, sensitively and with an alert intelligence on all manner of things, though mostly connected with ‘urbanisation’ in its broadest sense.

In a recent post, he writes persuasively on how Apple’s iPad will find its place in the world:

the iPad to me feels more like a product for third places rather than a third product. Its form factor and service model is defined for in-between spaces. Although it will float around the home and the office perfectly well, it comes into its own in these third spaces in a way that that phone and laptop cannot, being either too small or too large respectively.


It’s a device for airplanes, taxis, public transport, park benches, coffeeshops, pubs, bars, bistros, co-working spaces, breakouts, studios, receptions, meeting rooms, plaza and piazza, public libraries, beaches and all manner of transient spaces, civic spaces.

It’s a device for cities.

I think this is spot on, as is his comment that companies and individuals within them are gradually shifting to laptops over static PCs. The Cloud (or whatever you care to call it) is increasingly the place where things are stored and where interaction happens, and the iPad is the ideal device for plugging into it (if you can plug into a cloud).

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