More Crazy 8s

New workout this morning, a variation on Craig Ballantyne’s Crazy 8s method:

  • Warm up: Rower (4-5 mins at a good pace; you want to feel as if you’ve been working, but not completely cream-crackered)
  • Star Jumps x 50
  • Push-ups x 16
  • Kettlebell swings (16kg) x 20
  • Foam roller crunches x 12
  • Kinesis reverse fly x 12
  • Kettlebell squats (16kg) x 12
  • Kinesis squat & pull down x 12
  • Plank x 1 minute

Rest 2 min then go again.

Rest 2-3 mins then go again, or at least ‘go again for as much as you can, but you might want to scale it back a bit, depending on the pain’.  I was down to 30 Star Jumps, 12 push-ups, 16 KB swings, 10 squats etc etc. by the 3rd round.

Then have a bit of a lie down.

The important thing is to Keep Going, and not take too much of a break. So don’t do the Star Jumps then wander off, have a drink, stare vacantly at the clock, then eventually get on with the push-ups — it’s got to be bang-bang-bang. Then have a little rest between rounds.  The other good things about this is that it is over quickly.

Try it — or your own variation. It’s surprisingly challenging.

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