Some uses for a beret

I like berets.

Here are some uses for them I’ve found so far:

  1. keeping the rain off
  2. keeping the sun off
  3. keeping warm
  4. keeping cool
  5. an excellent light-shade when sleeping, without interfering with breathing
  6. looking like a surrealist
  7. covering your nose when your dog or cat breaks wind
  8. or your children, or wife (ahem)
  9. carrying acorns or nuts on foraging expeditions
  10. grabbing a hot pot when cooking in the wilds
  11. looking like a montagnard
  12. maintaining appropriate anonymity
  13. going to Waitrose and being discreetly stared at
  14. challenging Wise Kaplan (TM) in weird cool stakes
  15. being colourful

More to come.

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