I love berets

I like berets. I have a sizeable collection (15 or more) of merino or cotton ones, from Spain, France, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy and New Zealand, all bought from the excellent Daan at South Pacific Berets.

Here are some uses for them I’ve found so far:

  • keeping the rain off
  • keeping the sun off
  • keeping warm
  • keeping cool
  • an excellent light-shade when sleeping, without interfering with breathing
  • looking like a surrealist
  • covering your nose when your dog or cat breaks wind or your children, or wife (ahem)
  • carrying acorns or nuts on foraging expeditions
  • grabbing a hot pot when cooking in the wilds
  • looking like a montagnard
  • maintaining appropriate anonymity
  • going to Waitrose and being discreetly stared at
  • challenging Wise Kaplan (TM) in weird cool stakes
  • being colourful
  • wiping things off car windscreen
  • substitute Frisbee for distracting dog when he has stolen a child’s ball in the park
  • swatting wasps and flies
  • indicating political leanings (I could never wear one sloping rightwards)
  • sitting on, when ground or seat is damp (only with woollen ones, not so good with cotton)
  • throwing at small cat when she is trying to sharpen her claws on rush matting seating in William Morris chair.

More to come.

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