LAU: an unusual Scottish anarcho-folk band

I was in Fopp this morning and heard this band, Lau. Two Scottish guys and an hon. Scot (from Cambridge), they play a mix of trad tunes and jazz inspired modern material of their own.

Here’s what the Rdio bio of them concludes:

Their debut album, Lightweights & Gentlemen, a mix of their own tunes and unusual interpretations of songs like “Freeborn Man” and “Unquiet Grave,” was released early in 2007 to great acclaim, though everyone — including each of the bandmembers — has struggled to find a phrase that would accurately describe the music. One review describing the music as “sublime, anarchic modern folk music” perhaps captured their spirit best.

Intriguing and unusual (apparently some of their stuff even includes hip-hop), so I’ll be listening to them more.

(I guess many don’t use Rdio but I’m sure they’ll be on Spotify if you care to have a listen.)

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