An instagram picture: Byrhtnoth’s speech to the Vikings before the Battle of Maldon: “Do you hear, seaman, what this people are saying? They want to give you spears as tribute, deadly spear-points and ancient swords, war-equipment which will not help you in battle. Sailors’ messenger, take a message back again: tell your people a much more hostile reply, that here stands undaunted an earl with his company, who intends to defend this homeland, the land of Æthelred, my leader, people and ground. The heathen shall fall in battle. It seems too shameful to me that you should go to your ships with our money unopposed, now you have come so far into our country. You shall not get treasure so easily; spear and sword shall settle this between us, fierce battle-play, before we pay tribute.” #history #monochrome #vikings #saxons #maldon

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