Edwin Starr and Blue Juice

Watching Blue Juice again the other night, I noticed that Edwin Starr took the part of Ossie Sands whose “Price of Pain” had been sampled—and mangled—by Josh Tambini.

At the end of the film, Starr sings (as the credits roll) a cover of “Movin’ on up” by Primal Scream. While I quite like the original, Starr’s version, or at least the truncated piece allowed by the distributors, knocks the socks off it.

I zipped over to the iTunes store to buy it. Not there.

I try Amazon. Nothing.

I google “Blue Juice soundtrack” and find that it’s never been made available commercially.

So you cannot get the excellent piece of music anywhere. That really is a shame, as it’s a real belter.

Interestingly, Starr moved to England in 1973 and became a hit on the Northern Soul circuit. Indeed, shortly before his death in 2003 he topped the Northern Soul Poll as “All-Time Favourite Artist”.

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