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Help in the kitchen

(Warning: Mild tech stuff ahead) I thought I’d share with you two things that have helped me a lot in the kitchen: the Paprika Recipe Manager app, and the Plinth … Continue reading

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Italian eating in Kyoto: Il Pappalardo

Il Pappalardo is an excellent local trattoria-style Italian restaurant in Kyoto. You really should go there if you are in Kyoto and want a good Italian pick-me-up. Located towards the … Continue reading

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Wine note: Mâcon Rouge

I bought a few wines from Majestic the other day: * Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits ‘Les Mouchottes’ 2007 Cave des Hautes Côtes — 6 at £59.94 * Mâcon Rouge 2007 … Continue reading

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Le P’tit Loire

A good Sancerre, from Nicolas. 12% alc. About GBP6.00. Very drinkable and quite interesting.

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Chez Fernand

While in Paris last week, we dined three times at Chez Fernand- 9, rue Christine, 75006; +33 (0)1 43 25 18 55. It’s great — very simple French cooking, almost rustic in style, with … Continue reading

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Best steak?

Jamie Oliver reckons that rib-eye is the best steak. True? Remember to try.

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Duddleswell cheese

I bought some English cheese today. Good for you, I hear the doubters say, thinking no doubt of Red Leicester or Cheddar. Well, yes, but this was a little different, … Continue reading

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Wonderfully elegant Martini glasses in Roast.  The drinks were pretty good, too, though, Philistine that I no doubt am, I had never heard of Ketel One before. Martini Originally uploaded … Continue reading

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